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Life Insurance Review

Generally speaking, every family one way or another should have some life insurance protection.  The insurance industry has evolved pretty quickly over the past few decades.  Over time, more and more practical living benefits have been added to the death benefit.  More and more cash value growth, safety and distribution mechanisms are being provided depending on the policy type.  This evolution is changing the way Americans think about, purchase and use life insurance.  What is more noteworthy is that all the policies purchased before 2001 used the old SOA 75-80 mortality tables as the baseline to calculate the insurance costs.  Today, the industry is using the 2001 VBT and 2001 CSO tables as the baseline to calculate the insurance costs.  The mortality rates in the new tables show a significant decrease as compared to the older tables due to better living standards, advancements in medical treatments & technology, and longer life expectancies.  Therefore, the insurance cost in the newer policies should potentially be much cheaper than their predecessors.  As one of our missions, we help families review their old life insurance policies to explore the feasibility of addressing the insurance cost and increase the coverage, including living benefits.  We strive to ensure that our clients are not left behind by the evolution of the industry.

If you and your family have old life insurance policies or you are considering purchasing a life insurance, please feel free to contact us at (408)586-9969 for a complimentary initial consultation over the phone.


Fixed and indexed life insurance products placement is offered through Into General Insurance Agency (DBA IntoWealth Insurance Services) as an LPL Financial approved Outside Business Activity from IntoWealth. Into General Insurance Agency is not affiliated with LPL Financial.

The material on this page contains only general descriptions and is not a solicitation to sell any insurance product or security, nor is it intended as any financial or tax advice. For information about specific insurance needs or situations, contact your insurance agent. This article is intended to assist in educating you about insurance generally and not to provide personal service. They may not take into account your personal characteristics such as budget, assets, risk tolerance, family situation or activities which may affect the type of insurance that would be right for you. In addition, state insurance laws and insurance underwriting rules may affect available coverage and its costs. Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company.

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