IntoWealth Seminar Attendance Policy (英圖財富講座出席守則)

(The Only Purpose of This Policy Is to Ensure a Highly Efficient and No-Holds-Barred Delivery of Valuable Proprietary Information from IntoWealth to a Sincere and Serious Audience without Any Unnecessary Disturbances) (本守則的唯一目的是為了確保英圖財富能夠在不受不必要的干擾的情況下,給一個嚴肅、真誠的聽眾群毫無保留並高效率地傳輸最有價值的專屬信息)

Notice of Photo ID Verification (身份確認告示)
I acknowledge that IntoWealth will verify my driver license or other official photo ID at the seminar registration desk prior to entry.  (我知道英圖財富公司在講座登記處會通過我的駕照或其他有肖像的官方身份證來確定我的身份和登記相符。)

Notice for Financial Professionals Only (金融服務專業人員須知)
I acknowledge that IntoWealth’s seminar is intended only for its prospective and existing clients and the general public, with the exception of licensed financial professionals including but not limited to insurance agents, registered representatives, financial advisors, and financial aid specialists due to conflict of interest.  If I am a licensed financial professional, I understand I must obtain express written permission prior to this seminar from IntoWealth and pay $500 to attend any of its seminars to obtain any proprietary material.   (我知道英圖財富公司的講座是僅為他們現有的客戶和未來客戶而準備的,由於知識產權等利益衝突的原因,不面向包括但不僅限於保險經紀、註冊證券代理或大學資助專員等金融服務業的持照從業人員。如果我是一名持照金融服務人員並要參加英圖財富公司的講座,我須預先得到英圖財富公司的許可並繳納500美元知識產權轉讓費。)

Notice of No Voice Recording, Photo/ Video Taping (禁止錄音、錄像的告示)
I acknowledge that no voice recording, photography or videotaping of any kind is permitted at any of IntoWealth’s seminars.  (我知道英圖財富公司的講座不允許聽眾錄音、照相和錄像。)

Notice of Repeat Attendance (重複參加講座須知)
I acknowledge that IntoWealth does not accommodate repeat attendance by a non-client without prior permission due to limited seating.  If I have attended one of IntoWealth’s seminars before and have not become an IntoWealth client yet, I understand that I am required to obtain permission in advance to attend another IntoWealth seminar, even if it is on another topic.  (我知道英圖財富公司的講座座位有限,沒法接待重複參加免費講座的朋友(現有客戶除外,因為講座是英圖財富無條件提供給現有客戶的終身福利之一)。如果我參加過英圖財富公司以前的講座,但還沒有成為英圖財富公司的客戶,但還需參加下一次講座,我須先得到英圖財富公司的特別允許後再註冊參加,即使是另一個話題。)

Press “I agree to and accept all terms above” to continue the registration.  Press “I DO NOT agree to the terms above ” to stop the registration.

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